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Fillable Advent Calendars

Boost your sales this Christmas by creating a custom advent calendar for your customers filled with your most popular products! 16 Styles Available!

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Our 12-Day and 24-Day Fillable Advent Calendars with stand are a great way for your customers to countdown the days to Christmas - 16 styles available!


They contains either 12 or 24 spaces for you to fill with your best selling products - it is perfect for wax melts, sample pots, and chocolates, as well as many other small products.


The cardboard calendar has been cut and stands up on its own - making it perfect for displaying on your fireplace or windowsill. This advent calendar has been designed with a variety of different refill ideas in mind so you can choose based on what you think your customers would love!


The calendar includes an insert tray with 12 or 24 spaces each 33mm in width x 30mm in length and 20mm deep.


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