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How Bespoke Labels Became to Be...

From a young age I always wanted to run my own business but I would never have guessing I would be where I am today...

In fact if truth be told... I fell into it by accident purely because I started to make labels for candles and wax melts I sold as a hobby!

When people seen the labels they started to ask me where they could get their hands on some for their own products. So created a few labels for them and I remember the buzz realising this is something I really loved much that I wanted to do it ALL the time.

But the risk of leaving my job with a young family to support was too much so at the time I ran it as a hobby...Until 3rd June when I was made redundant from my job - I was a production manager for Rolls-Royce, we serviced Aeroplane engines, but with the hit of COVID our site - workplace of almost 600 people - was closed down.

At the time I was devastated, fast forward a year and I am running my own business, have merged with another labelling business and together we are rapidly expanding our customer base and workforce.

Life has a funny way of working but one thing I'm sure of now we are all made of so much more than we think, you can turn a devastating situation into some of the best things to happen to you! But only you can do it - you have the control! If you could do anything, what would it be?

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