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Label Trends You Need To Be Aware Of in 2022

Product labelling is important to attract potential customers - let's face it we all judge books by their cover, and products are no different! In fact, according to KISS metrics, a customer intelligence and web analytics company, 93% of the reason we choose to buy something is by visual appearance alone!

So how can you stand out? Well to give you a start here are the 5 most popular label trends for 2022 which are capturing the customers' eyes and increase your sales...

Simple Yet Bold

This is a trend that resurfaces regularly, it is like going back to basics! This is a great choice if your product itself stands out and you don't want the label to take away from that.

Also, in our current fast-paced environment, your customers do not have time to stop and study your labels - it can be best to stick to what is needed on the label.

Custom Lettering

With so many products on the market nowadays it can be difficult to stand out. One great way to do this is to create a custom font that is unique to your business.

If you know a local graphic designer they will be able to do this for you - or why not try yourself using software such as adobe illustrator!

Using Colour to Evoke Emotion

It is common knowledge that colours can evoke emotions, and it can greatly affect a customer's decision whether to purchase.

For example, if a customer wants to be relaxed they are unlikely to choose a bright yellow product, they will be drawn to soft blues and purples.

Lately, more and more businesses are using colour to differentiate products - if asked a lot of customers cannot remember the name or number of the product they use but they will know the colour!

Repeating Patterns

An important part of brand identity is consistency - this includes your labels.

It doesn't matter whether your brand is playful or formal or if it is targeted at the young or old - consistency is key to growing your product identity and moreover your brand.

Going Retro

This unusual style gives customers the feeling of nostalgia and there is something comforting about it! This is great for increasing customer trust in your brand and product.

It also makes the product stand out, not just among other products on the shelf, but from its entire surroundings!

It looks like 2022 is going to be a great year for new label trends as well as some classic trends to make a comeback.

The most important thing to remember is to find a label design which complements your brand values and the product itself, there is no point in putting a retro label on a product which only invented 3 years ago! Go with your gut, or if you still can't decide give us a shout at Bespoke Labels - we would be happy to help!

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