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Who are Avonclyde and What Do They Have to Do with Bespoke Labels?

Avonclyde Ltd started out very different to the business it is today. Back in 1991, Fraser Findlay, the founder of Avonclyde worked as a salesman for a company which sold labelling software and machines. After working with this company for seven years and with his extensive knowledge of the labelling industry he had gained, Fraser decided to go it alone and created a business called Avonclyde Systems. Working from home in the smallest bedroom in his house, Fraser started selling computerised labelling software to companies which required Variable Information Printing (VIP) labels. At this time Avonclyde did not manufacture any labels, but instead sub-contracted any label work to various different suppliers.

Where did the name Avonclyde come from? From 1988 to 1993 Fraser and his family lived in a small town called Chippenham just outside of Bath in England, before moving back to Glasgow, in 1994. A nearby river in Chippenham - river Avon, was a place he loved to go with his family for nice walks on a sunny day. It reminded him of the river Clyde, back in his hometown of Glasgow. So after a night of brainstorming business names with his late wife Gina, they decided on the name Avonclyde, as it combined his current life with his home roots.

By 1995 Avonclyde Systems had really taken off so Fraser decided to invest in his first Labelling Machine - a Markem LP93. This allowed Fraser to produce labels in house rather than use sub-contractors. At this point Fraser was still working from home, and bought a robust garden shed to host his new label machine in!

This was the turning point for Avonclyde. With his extensive knowledge of labels, his high quality and acute attention to detail, Fraser grew his customer base rapidly over the next two years. In 1997 Fraser moved away from working at home and purchased his first industrial unit in Cumbernauld. To cope with increasing customer demand he purchased his second labelling a Rotary Edale R250.

In 1999 Avonclyde Systems moved to an even bigger industrial unit in Kirkintilloch to manage the ever increasing customer demand as well as employing his first staff members to help him complete customer orders.

A few years later Avonclyde Systems became Avonclyde Ltd. Fraser made the decision to no longer provide labelling systems and software and focus fully on manufacturing labels.

In June 2020 Avonclyde partnered with Bespoke Labels. Until this point Avonclyde were primarily focused on the industrial sector providing labels to businesses such as machinery and medical equipment manufacturers. However with the addition of Bespoke Labels they are now also focusing on the more commercial side of labelling to include full colour product labels and logo labels.

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