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So Why Do You Need Product Labels?

Well first and foremost to provide information to your customer!

There isn't a set list of details you need to include as it can vary for each product but if you include it you must be accurate!

Labels must not be misleading about things like; quantity or size, the price, what it’s made of, how, where and when it was made, what you say it can do etc and you must include safety information for products that could be dangerous e.g. candles, wax melts and body products

Product Labels can also help you create a brand and STAND OUT this is essential in promoting your business and creating an awareness of your products.

When your products are placed on a shelf for example there are a lot of other products placed next to them. You need the labels to pop so that once people start looking at the shelf they can easily identify your product and buy it As the adage goes, do not judge the book by its cover. Unfortunately, most people make judgments based on the cover and a bad label can cause customers to overlook your label.

That is where we come in! Bespoke Labels pride ourselves in printing High Quality, Vibrant and Eye Catching Product and CLP Labels have a look on our website gallery to view some of our current customer labels or drop us a message for more info

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