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A label's a label? Isn't it?

Did you know there are 100s of different label materials available?! All which are made for different purposes. So when it comes to choosing the right label for your product it can be a bit overwhelming and can be easy to get wrong!

We at Bespoke Labels are here to help and advise you from the start to the finish of your label journey to ensure you get the right material at the lowest costs.

See our handy starter guide to label material below to give you an idea of what is out there!

There are two main types of labels - Paper and Filmic, see the advantages and disadvantages of each below:

Paper (Short Life Labels)

Filmic (Long Life Labels)

Generally Cheaper

More Durable to Water, Light (UV), Chemicals

Holds Ink Well for Sharp Printing

Can't Tear without Excessive Force

Array of Colours and Textures Available


Can Tear

Flexible - confirm to surfaces

Less Durable to Water, Light (UV), Chemicals

"No Label Look" from Clear Labels

Will Wear Over Time

Can be More Expensive

Whether you choose Paper or Filmic Labels depends on the purpose of the labels. For example, if you are looking for a logo label to stick to your envelopes to brand the packaging when sending to a customer - you would choose a paper label - why? The label after being received by the customer is most likely going to be put in the bin! Therefore it has a very short life and as such you would want to keep your costs for something like this as low as possible - so paper is the way to go.

However if the label is an ingredients labels to be used on a shower gel bottle you would need something more durable as it is likely to get wet often and be heavily touched - you would want a filmic - it is more durable and waterproof.

So Paper and Filmic are your two main types of label, but within each of these there are 100s of different types including -

  • Coloured Base or White

  • Clear

  • Metallics (Gold and Silver)

  • 100% Recycled

  • Compostable

  • Block Out

  • Gloss

  • Matt

  • Extra Permanent Adhesive

  • Peelable/Removable

  • Textured

(Note not all of the above are available in both paper and filmic)

Bespoke Labels with the support of Avonlcyde Ltd have over 30 years experience in labels - therefore we have seen it all! And we are happy to share our knowledge with you!

To find out more please contact us now!

Call - 07983 925 864 / 0141 776 1122


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